Living Systems

I have been working on this website for almost three months now an it continues to evolve.  Already it ha 14 categories of resources and I feel the need to add another one – Living Systems.  Perhaps this should have been my first category as I realize that my intuitive vision for this website is that it evolves and adapts and that it allows for the emergence of a new level of complexity and organization of my ideas.   Complexity, adaptation, emergence – these are all characteristics of living systems, aka complex, adaptive living systems.  This is becoming increasingly clear to me in my recent reading and  study and I realize that it has been one of my primary models for understanding the world, organizations and even my own consciousness for many years, perhaps as far back as college.  Since this is such an important and comprehensive category, many of  my other resource categories could be subsumed into it.  But, since this is my system of organization and because I do not need (or even aspire to) perfection, I will allow for redundancy between categories.  And why not?  Redundancy is one of the principles of healthy living systems.

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  • Plexus Institute Conversations about the application of complexity science to healthcare.

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