Play ~ Charles Eisenstein

Childhood play is practice in the exploration of limits, the loosening of inhibitions to creativity, the creative dialogue with the environment, the reimaging of the world presented us.  Play is not enslaved to a preset end, but allows the end to emerge spontaneously through the process itself.  Play does not require willpower to stay focused and overcome our natural desires; it is our natural desire manifest.  When we play, we are willing to try things without guarantee of their eventual usefulness or value; yet paradoxically, it is precisely when we let go of such motivations that we produce the things of greatest use…

Because the creativity of play is spontaneous, unbidden and impervious to any rote formulization, we must consider that it comes from a source beyond ourselves.  We are the universe’s channel for play, an aspect of a universal playfulness expressed through our minds and bodies, employing our mental skills of reason and expression but originating beyond them.


From The Ascent of Humanity (page 122-23)

Charles Eisenstein

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