About Itineris


Something new wants to be born.  I sense a readiness for transformation in the world and I want to be part of this journey of discovery.  Itineris is a vehicle for offering myself in service of transformation.

Old patterns and systems have outlived their usefulness.  Science has given us profound new understandings of the universe.  Technology has developed an information system that now connects the planet in a neural network.  Management has produced organizational systems that are unprecedented in their power and complexity.  Healthcare has eliminated diseases and extended the human life span.  In the process, we have poisoned our planet, depleted her resources, destroyed community, created lifeless and joyless organizations and forgotten the meaning of health and wholeness.

While the old patterns and systems have reached their limits on personal, organizational, community and global levels, new life is emerging everywhere.  Living systems are amazingly adaptable and capable of learning.  Living systems waste nothing and thrive on diversity.  Living systems continually evolve toward higher orders of complexity.  And living systems that are not capable of adapting and transforming in response to changing conditions do not continue to be living systems.  These non-adaptive systems become fossils.

From my perspective, we are living in  an exciting time of transformation as well as the formation of fossils.  This is a time of great hope and deep sorrow; both need to be experienced for us to move forward.  We need to be about the collective work of hospicing the old systems, gently encouraging their death and grieving for the loss and pain involved.  And we need to be about the collective work of birthing the newness.  This is work that needs to be done at an individual level, in organizations, at the community level and globally.

Itineris is my way of offering myself in the service of transformation.  The specifics of this work can take a myriad of forms and will undoubtedly evolve over time as I continue to learn and adapt.  While the specifics will change, I expect that my work will continue to take the form of holding the space for healing and transformation to occur at multiple levels:

Individual Transformation
Group and Organizational Transformation
Community Transformation
Global Transformation

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