Itineris:  Latin word meaning the journey.
Life is a journey.
Learning is a journey.
Leadership is a journey.

This website is intended as a celebration and sharing of the journey.   It describes the services offered by my business, Itineris Coaching and Consulting but more importantly it is an invitation to share in this incredible journey of life, to learn and travel and grow together as companions.

My life journey is about learning and service and my life work is a reflection of these values.  Itineris Coaching and Consulting is one vehicle for my life work.  Ultimately, I find it difficult to separate who I am from what I have to offer as a business.   So, what you will find here is a reflection of my journey – people and ideas that have inspired me and shaped my thoughts and skill, practices that are important to me, friends and affiliations that I’ve made along the way and aspirations I have for how I can be of service.

As I shared in my first blog posting, I am developing this website primarily as a way of organizing ideas and resources for my own use.  If you find something of value in what is evolving here, then I welcome you and look forward to sharing the journey.  I am pleased that you have found your way here and I look forward to discovering together what wants to happen on the journey.

So, I welcome you in the spirit of friendship and the journey,

Steve Ryman

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