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Living in the Gift ~ Charles Eisenstein

As I prepare to let go of much of my sense of security and to step more deeply into the Gift Economy, I am very grateful to the wisdom that I have gained from the work of Charles Eisenstein.  His … Continue reading

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Social Healing and the Greater Self ~ Judith Thompson

Part 1: Social Healing as an Evolutionary Paradigm

Part 2: Suffering with Others as a Path of Liberation

Part 3: Paradox of Compassion

Part 4: How Self Healing Makes Compassion Possible

Part 5: How Our Stories Impact Our Ability to Grow

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Meet e-Patient Dave ~ Dave deBronkart

Here is an interesting TED talk that changes the paradigm of medical care by putting the patient in charge. The key, according to e-patient Dave is to make medical data available to patients. This seems like one important … Continue reading

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What Fascia Actually Looks Like

I just finished getting a treatment from my most amazing massage therapist, John Combe. I have learned so much about the holding patterns in my body and how they reflect (or perhaps even cause) the patterns of holding and … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Beauty of Living Systems ~ Bryan Alvarez

This is yet another amazing and beautiful TED talk. In it Bryan Alvarez describes the inticacy and beauty of living systems and shows the beginning of an atlas of the human body.

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The Stuff of Thought: Language as a window into human nature ~ Steven Pinker

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A simple explanation of the Cynefin Framework

A simple explanation of the cynefin framework for understanding the distinctions between simple, complicated, complex and chaotic. I find this a very useful framework for looking at organizational issues and problems and determining appropriate responses.

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An Earth Day tribute to our mother.  What an incredible planet we are part of.  I am filled with gratitude and awe.

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The Pattern of Living Systems ~ Michelle Holliday

” By itself the living system integrates divergent parts into a convergent whole in dynamic relationships internally and externally in an ongoing moment-by-moment process of self organization and self creation.”
“The true bottom line of business is life”

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Berkana’s Two Loops Model

Here is a wonderful 7 minute video by Deborah Frieze on the Berkana model of systems change.  I find that this is a very useful model for thinking about transformation.  Berkana has identified these four key actions for supporting communities … Continue reading

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