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Designing for Generosity ~ Nipun Mehta

Video from KarmaTube

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Meet e-Patient Dave ~ Dave deBronkart

Here is an interesting TED talk that changes the paradigm of medical care by putting the patient in charge. The key, according to e-patient Dave is to make medical data available to patients. This seems like one important … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Beauty of Living Systems ~ Bryan Alvarez

This is yet another amazing and beautiful TED talk. In it Bryan Alvarez describes the inticacy and beauty of living systems and shows the beginning of an atlas of the human body.

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The Pattern of Living Systems ~ Michelle Holliday

” By itself the living system integrates divergent parts into a convergent whole in dynamic relationships internally and externally in an ongoing moment-by-moment process of self organization and self creation.”
“The true bottom line of business is life”

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Why the Crisis? And What to Do About It? ~ Bernard Lietear

Why the crisis? And what to do about it? ~ Bernard Lietear ~ TEDX Talk Berlin by Bernard Lietear

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Jill Bolte Taylor’s stroke of insight

TED talk describing first hand experience of having a stroke.  Excellent description of the subjective experience of the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

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The Power of Vulnerability ~ Brene Brown

TED talk on vulnerability as antidote to the shame of not being enough.

We are neurologically wired for connection.  The one thing separating those who experience love and belonging and those who don’t is a belief in their worthiness of belonging. … Continue reading

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