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Celebrating the Beauty of Living Systems ~ Bryan Alvarez

This is yet another amazing and beautiful TED talk. In it Bryan Alvarez describes the inticacy and beauty of living systems and shows the beginning of an atlas of the human body.

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How to Talk about Community Building as Self-Organization?

Lately I have been in a number of conversations about self-organizing systems, emergence and what it means to be part of encouraging the development of a different kind of community.  In these conversations, I feel challenged to articulate distinctions between … Continue reading

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Walk On Walk Off ~ Interview with Deborah Frieze

Walk Out Walk On: A Learning Journey Into Communities | Interview with Author Deborah Frieze from The Socio Capitalist on Vimeo.

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An Earth Day tribute to our mother.  What an incredible planet we are part of.  I am filled with gratitude and awe.

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The Pattern of Living Systems ~ Michelle Holliday

” By itself the living system integrates divergent parts into a convergent whole in dynamic relationships internally and externally in an ongoing moment-by-moment process of self organization and self creation.”
“The true bottom line of business is life”

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Sally Goerner Video on Complex Intricate Systems

Sally Goerner Part 1

Sally Goerner Part 2

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