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The Wounded Healer

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The Wrong Conversation About Healthcare

Peter Block and John McKnight turn their astute perspectives regarding the power of community onto the issue of healthcare with the observation that (according to the CDC no less), of the five major factors impacting health, medical care accounts for … Continue reading

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Healthcare: The Machine

The Machine
The Machine endangers all we have made.
We allow it to rule instead of obey.
To build the house, cut the stone sharp and fast:
the carver’s hand takes too long to feel its way.
The Machine never hesitates or we might escape
and … Continue reading

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Meet e-Patient Dave ~ Dave deBronkart

Here is an interesting TED talk that changes the paradigm of medical care by putting the patient in charge. The key, according to e-patient Dave is to make medical data available to patients. This seems like one important … Continue reading

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The New Healthcare System

The New Health Care System by David Nather is a good primer describing what is included in the 2010 healthcare reform legislation. It is clearly written and avoids the irrationality and rhetoric that has surrounded so much of the media … Continue reading

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Adaptive Leadership in Healthcare

I just listened to an interesting podcast from Plexus Institute in which Dr. Marcus Thygeson discusses the application of adaptive leadership to healthcare.
Several years ago, I discovered Ronald Heifetz in this article on leadership in Fast Company magazine.  I can … Continue reading

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