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Camino Reflection #3

I am not yet on the Camino Santiago, but the journey has certainly begun and I am delighted by the learnings that are showing up.  This week a light bulb came on for me in aikido – one of those light … Continue reading

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Aikido Reflection from July 2009

Exhausted. And pleased. There is energy tingling in my hands and feet even while my core feels heavy. I am curious about how I am reacting, what sense to make of it, how to embrace this as … Continue reading

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Aikido and Tango

In just over one month, I will be testing for my aikido black belt. I’ve learned so much in my seven years of training and it feels like I have so much more to learn in preparation for this … Continue reading

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Strength & Rigidity

Strength and rigidity are not the same thing…
The ability to blend and flow without losing center is the manifestation of strength.
~ a quote posted at Takemusukai Dojo
This quote seems to encompass the essence of my six years of Aikido training … Continue reading

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Aikido Blend is an Evolutionary Move

Here is an audio recording of Leadership: Mastery of the Three Domains,  a presentation by Richard Strozzi-Heckler to the Ultimate Men’s Summit.
In his talk, Strozzi-Heckler suggests that the blending move in aikido is an evolutionary adaptation that provides an alternative to … Continue reading

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Gifts from Aikido Training

I spent this past weekend at an aikido seminar and I know that I learned something; I just wish that I knew clearly enough what I learned to be able to put it into words.  It is easy for me … Continue reading

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Neuroception & Aikido

One of the new concepts that I have been learning in my Interpersonal Neurobiology program  is neuroception, a relatively recent discovery of how the brain assesses threat.  I was so excited by the information I gained from an article by … Continue reading

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