Cosmology – from Greek kosmos meaning “universe”; and logia menaing “study” – is how we make sense of our place in the universe. It includes our myths and stories as well as our scientific understandings.

As I consider my own cosmology, I keep stumbling across living systems.  I realize that my understanding these days is that the universe is an alive, enchanted and evolving system.  Like all living systems, it is moving toward increased complexity and in the continual process of learning.

Ultimately, one’s cosmology is a choice which becomes a belief.  Having evolved through at least two other significant cosmologies in this lifetime (fundamental Christianity and modern science), I now embrace an understanding of the universe as a living system.  Since I have the choice of cosmologies, I am choosing (for now, at least) one that proves both meaning and utility.  For me, it provides a sense of belonging to something infinite and alive while also making my actions significant as part of the process of a universe becoming conscious.  It is like being part of a huge learning journey in which the universe is discovering itself.

Following are some of the resources that have guided me on this journey.

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